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In this section, you will find free online educational material. This includes videos from educational talks, tutorials, bioinformatic tools description, and much more through our educational wiki. A list of courses is available here! Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to see more material included or if you have questions.

Proteins at Work, by the Heck lab -

Below you will find links to tutorials on proteomics. Don't hesitate to navigate our Educational Wiki for more!


Educational material on the MaxQuant-Perseus workflow.


Educational material on Skyline.


Educational material on the OpenMS software suite.

CompOmics Tutorials

Tutorials by the CompOmics group and partners.


Learn how to package bioinformatics tools using Biocontainers.


Learn how to design proteomics workflows using Galaxy.

Educational Videos

Below you will find educational videos on proteomics. Don't hesitate to navigate our Educational Wiki for more!


2021 May Institute course on Computation and Statistics for Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics

course introduction slide

UC Davis Proteomics Online 2d Short Course

EuBIC2020 keynotes

EuBIC 2020 Dev Meeting Keynotes, including an Introduction to Computational Proteomics


Introduction to mass spectrometry based proteomics by Lennart Martens (CompOmics)

Dave Tabb

Lectures from Prof David L. Tabb


Videos of the MaxQuant summer school


2012 BroadE Proteomics Workshop

European Summer School 2015

2015 European Proteomics Summer School.

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