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You are an ECR working in the field of proteomics, register at this event to :

  • Honour the laureates of the EuPA 2020 Vision and Commitment Awards.

  • Meet young European talents in proteomics.

  • Learn more about the activities of the Young Proteomics Investigators Club (YPIC) and the European Bioinformatics Community (EuBIC).

  • Network with your proteomics fellows and speed date with surprise senior guests.

  • Participate in the launch of the EuPA networking corner on Gather.Town.




2-3pm CEST : Talks of The EuPA Vision and Commitment 2020 Awardees

☐  Dr. Maarten Dhaenens, Ghent University, Belgium

      "From Turkey to Spain: YPIC’s toddler years"

☐  Dr. Dina Resetar Maslov, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zagreb, Croatia

      "The future is now"

☐  Dr. Viktoria Dorfer, FHOOE, Austria

      "EuBIC-MS: personal experience and community achievements - Part 1"

☐  Dr. Marie Locard-Paulet, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

      "EuBIC-MS: personal experience and community achievements - Part 2"

3-4pm CEST : Flash Talks of National Societies’ Nominees

☐  Belgian Proteomics Association: Bart Van Puyvelde

"How to drive the Proteomics community forward?!"

☐  British Society for Proteome Research: Maike Langini

"How supporting the proteomics community can impact your science?!"

☐  Croatian Proteomic and Metabolomic Society: Zeljka Persuric

"Use of proteomics for control of food processing and assessing of food safety."

☐  Danish Proteomics Society: Ignacio Arribas Diez

“Enhancing phosphoproteomics by Zr(IV)-IMAC and Molecularly Imprinted Polymer technologies.”

☐  Deutsche Gesellschaft für Proteomforschung:  Susan Kläger

"Proteomics for personalized cancer immunotherapy" 

☐  French Proteomics Society: Joanna Bons

“On the road to PTM analysis.”

☐  Hellenic Proteomics Society: Angeliki Katsafadou

"Proteomics in Animal and One Health."

☐  Hungarian Proteomics Society: Simon Sugar

"Alterations in protein expression and site-specific N-glycosylation of prostate cancer tissues."

☐  Italian Proteomics Association: Michele Costanzo

"Contribution of proteomics to the study of intermediary metabolism disorders".

☐  Portuguese Proteomics Association: Sandra Anjo

 "Neuroproteomics using SWATH-MS: from the evaluation of proteome changes to the clarification of         protein function."

☐  Russian Proteomics Society: Ksenia Kuznetsova

"Proteome-Wide Analysis of ADAR-mediated Messenger RNA Editing During Fruit Fly Ontogeny."

☐  Spanish Society of Proteomics: Ana Martinez Del Val

“Dissection of the routes to naïve pluripotency using distinct kinase inhibitors”

☐  Swedish Proteomics Society: Husen Umer

"Generation of proteogenomics databases to identify non-canonical peptides."

☐  Turkish Proteomics Association: Aydanur Senturk

"Quantitative proteomics analysis of clear cell Renal Cell Carcinoma for the identification of diagnostic and tumor-discriminative biomarkers".

4-5pm CEST : Launch of the EuPA Networking Corner on Gather.Town

☐  Ask your questions to presenters

☐  Speed date with surprise senior guests

☐  Visit YPIC and EuBIC booths

Organization & Contact

EuPA Education Committee



Christine Carapito


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