2nd to 5th of September 2020 - Vienna Biocenter, Austria

We are sad to announce that the APMRS-ESCP2020 is cancelled due to the current COVID-19 situation.

The unique combination of the yearly meeting of the Austrian Proteomics and Metabolomics Research Symposium (APMRS2020) with the second European Single Cell Proteomics meeting (ESCP2020) allows us to gather specialists from diverse fields and foster scientific exchange. This year we aim at connecting leaders of different areas of expertise and follow up on the great discussions from both the APMRS19 and the ESCP2019.

Advances in single cell technology allowed the global characterization of small tissue samples down to a single cells and push boundaries of existing technologies beneficial across areas of interest. These pioneering developments are already able to provide essential information about unforeseen cellular heterogeneity and the complexity of cellular interactions.

We want to offer an inspiring environment for scientists interested in newest technological advances and novel strategies not only in MS-based proteomics and metabolomics but also genomics and bioinformatics. We aim to share ideas and discuss future directions in order to encourage outside the box thinking and drive technological innovations.

Impressions of the

First European Single Cell Proteomics Conference

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Karl Mechtler





Claudia Ctortecka



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