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Welcome to Proteomics Academy!

Proteomics Academy is an educational resource for scientists wanting to exchange on Proteomics. It is a joint effort of the European Proteomics Association (EuPA) educational committee and the European Bioinformatics Community (EuBIC) initiative to foster exchange of knowledge on proteomics. The website and its different components are under constant improvement, feel free to explore, share your ideas, and contact us if you want to contribute!


Academic events are a great opportunity to learn, exchange, and network. You will find in the Proteomics Academy information relative to academic conferences and courses as well as the EuBIC Winter School, the EuPA school on Practical Proteomics, and the Cross-Linking Training School.

Grants & Jobs

This section of the Proteomics Academy provides information on grants and positions available. Grants are listed to help you to attend courses and conferences, as well as researcher's exchanges and collaborative community projects.

Online Education Material

Online resources are a great way to learn from home and spread knowledge. We provide educational videos and resources as well as an educational wiki.

Q & A

Any unanswered question? Ask the community in our Q&A! It is open and free, everyone is welcome to join the debate.


You are bioinformatician or interested in bioinformatics? Join the European Bioinformatics Community [EuBIC] initiative to make together better solutions for the interpretation of ‘omics data. Everyone is welcome!

Contact Us

Want to learn more about the EuPA educational committee or EuBIC? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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